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Paying for car insurance on a monthly basis is very common now, whether for young motorists under 21 driving modified hot hatchbacks. married couples with SUVs or people carriers to hold all the kids or over 55-year-olds with safe, solid Volvos, Jaguars or other family cars. Nearly all UK drivers regardless of age experience and driving record have suffered from huge premium increases over the last few years and budgets are getting tight!

So if you have had a quote for your car insurance renewal and the cost has made your hair stand on end it may be that you could not only pay for it on a monthly basis but you might also find a much cheaper policy too! The reason is because the car insurance market is very cutthroat and even the best run insurance companies are suffering because many drivers are continually searching for cheaper, and often the cheapest, prices on price comparison websites. As a result some of these companies not only offer very attractive discounts but also are happy to accept monthly payments from motorists who are prepared to ditch their existing insurers and sign on with a new one. A disadvantage with this approach is that you need to spend a few minutes filling in an application form, which can give you quotes from multiple providers; the big advantage is that you could save yourself a considerable amount of money.

Almost invariably you will find that paying monthly costs more for a particular policy than paying for it upfront. This varies from one insurer to another but occasionally there are special offers in which monthly payment surcharges are waived; unfortunately we never get notice of this and the offers don't last for long so it is sometimes best to grab them when you can!

A snag with certain price comparison websites is that they are owned by insurance companies, although they never seem to make this absolutely clear! Government investigations have been taking place to find out whether this is causing bias – perish the thought – but there are certain independent car insurance price comparison companies who can not only find you the cheapest policies from their panels of insurers but also let you compare monthly repayments, total costs and the benefits that you are paying for.

Insurance premiums seem to be rising constantly particularly for teenagers, those with cheaper or older cars, and motorists with accidents or convictions is on their records so if you are looking for cheapest bargains why not get a quote now.

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